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    Trading Democracy For Corporate Rule

    nadian filmmaker Paul Manly is working with the Council of nadians on a film lled Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule which examines the Security and Prosperity Partnership and other destructive trade agreements the nadian government is implementing. Manly is the activist who shot the sndalous film footage of the nadian police provoteurs at the Montebello […]

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    The National Post On The NAFTA Superhighway

    In the wake of Ron Paul’s comments at the YouTube/CNN Debate, and repeated denials from Harper, Bush, and a gaggle of neo-fascist pundits and foundation-funded leftgatekeepers, The National Post has run a story lled “Ron Paul’s worst nightmare comes true? NAFTA Superhighway a reality“. Number two on the popular US web site Digg — right […]

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    The Ultimate Revolution Is Now

    Aldous Huxley’s dystopic 1932 novel Brave New World envisions a future where a ruling élite suppress the freedoms of the masses by replacing traditional external constraints like imprisonment, torture, and murder, with internal human compulsions. Through the use of biologil engineering, Pavlovian conditioning, unconditional polyamorous sex, and handfuls of happy pills, the lower classes are […]

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    Perfect Halloween Movie

    Wanna have the shit sred right outta ya this Halloween? Put away your old VHS tape of Nightmare On Elm Street, get dressed up in your homemade Henry Kissinger costume, and watch Alex Jones’ chilling new horror film Endgame. This movie will make you spring out of bed at 3 o’clock in the morning in […]

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    Target: Iran

    The Neo-Conservative War Addicts are desperate for another fix. Reuters is reporting that BushCo. (a subsidiary of CheneyCo.) has positioned several warships rrying 17,000 troops on Iran’s doorstep: A large flotilla of U.S. ships entered the Gulf on Wednesday in a dramatic show of military muscle, adding to pressure on Iran to abandon its nuclear […]

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    Mobilization Against War And Occupation In Vancouver

      I took a few pictures at the April 28th protest rally organized by Vancouver’s Mobilization Against War And Occupation (MAWO). A couple hundred people me together to demand an end to nadian and Amerin wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. The gathering was one of MAWO’s monthly peace rallies, the next scheduled for […]

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    Clogging Toilets for Liberty

    Want to fight tyranny and oppression, but not sure what to do? Here are a few practil hints from a hilarious, fully illustrated CIA Sabotage Manual created in the early 1980s by Reagan’s spooks to overthrow the leftist government of Niragua. According to the guide, you don’t need missile launchers or suitses full of CIA […]

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    Why All The Secrets In Torture Inquiry?

    nada’s increasingly tyrannil federal government is facing allegations of “obsession with secrecy” in its inquiry into our country’s own ‘extraordinary rendition’ program, where three nadian citizens were arrested, shipped overseas, and brutally tortured. The nadian Press reports, government lawyer Michael Peirce argued at a hearing Tuesday that nearly all future proceedings should be held behind […]

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    The nadian Struggle For Internet Control

    Although The Front has been quiet for the last few years, diplomatic tensions in nada’s War For Internet Control are flaring up, and we may be in for a full-sle battle. Cultural “leaders” are stoking the flames of fear, and interest groups are amassing PR troops. We hear much of the same rhetoric once shouted […]

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    NYPD Goes Undercover In nada

    The New York Times reported a few days ago that New York City Police officers, disguised as anti-war activists, crossed the border into nada to spy on protest groups. For at least a year before the 2004 Republin National Convention, teams of undercover New York City police officers traveled to cities across the country, nada […]

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